Informational websites about Sakhalin and Nivkh

 A bibliographical guide to the languages of the North-East Asia
Originally appeared in Toshiro Tsumagari (ed.) (2007) Languages of the North Pacific Rim 14. pages 167-246.

     ELPR (Endangered Languages of the Pacific Rim)

    Center for Language and Cognition Groningen, University of Groningen

    Sakhalin Museum of Regional Studies 

                             The academic center of historical and ethnological research on Sakhalin.
    Beyond the La Perouse Channel 

                            Homepage of Dr. H. Itani on the history of Sakhalin.


Website on Prof. Tohru Kaneko (1933-2011) at Chikyukotobamura

     Nivkh : Language and Culture

Itsuji Tangiku's homepage on the culture and language of Nivkh.  Contains pictures of various fish sorts on Sakhalin.